Shi Yan Bao

Shi Yan Bao

Shaolin Monk of the 34th Generation

Shi Yan Bao grew up near the famous Shaolin-monastery, near the holy mountain Song Shan in China. At the age of eight he entered the monastery and  was educated in Buddhism, Shaolin KungFu, Tai Ji,  Qi Gong and  Hard Qi Gong – a level which in only reached by few monks.

We work very closely together since eight years for ZfU-International Business School  for leaders and managers in public and in-house seminars.

Shi Yan Bao

Qi Gong taught by Shi Yan Bao is a very subtle and powerful art of regeneration and healing, which is practiced by Shaolin monks since 1.500 years. Baduan Jin Qi Gong e.g., as taught by Shi Yan Bao, is an easy to learn technique, which can be integrated into daily life. It gives access to powerful healing energies and helps to center oneself in one`s being.

Seminars conducted by Shi Yan Bao & Ralph Wilms


 Shaolin Philosophy

  • Avoid negative thinking
  • Follow the Dharma
  • Don`t waste time with useless activities
  • Get acquainted with all techniques and arts
  • Study the way of many activities and professions
  • Don`t value according to loss or gain
  • Develop your capacity to recognize the essence of everything immediately
  • Never neglect your attention even for the smallest things
  • Try to see the essence also of what is invisible to the naked eye