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Ralph Wilms – Transpersonal  Psychologist, Coach & Social Scientist

When I was 5 years old I was sitting at a bar stool at my grandmother’s pub in Dortmund, in which I also grew up. She was in the middle of putting a bill together for a guest, when I arbitrarily threw a number into the conversation. She was not amused, but when she calculated the sum, it was exactly the same number I had just given. I remember very well the feeling I had in that moment and of course the astonished face of my grandmother. This knowledge from another source has accompanied me ever since. How could I know something that I could not know? Where does this inner knowledge come from?

I contacted that invisible world for the first time when I was 21 years old through the teachings of Swami Narayanda. From him I learned yoga and mantra meditation. My spirit became calmer, my body relaxed and the first seed was planted.In my psychology and sociology studies I unfortunately found little usable except the realization that every culture and time period had its own brain washing in which the people believed for the rest of their lives. My practice as a psychologist only showed me that the world outside is no less ludicrous than inside the madhouses as Herman Hesse once observed.

With the move to Switzerland in the early 80s, I became an investment banker and entered another world. I worked as an institutional financial advisor for a Canadian Investment bank. At the same time I met my Sufi-teacher, who would teach me for 12 years. He came from the tradition of the yogis of the Himalayas and the afghan Sufi-mystics. He taught me the secret breathing techniques of the Cashmere tradition of the Himalayas and how to appreciate the most precious resource we have: attention. In 1989, on a trip with him to India, I met a powerful teacher of the Sikh tradition, who helped me to bring my spirit into deep tranquility.

With the birth of my son in 1988 more changes came into my life. I connected again to that question of inner knowledge and went on an inner quest of my own intuition. The focus was on the question whether one can acquire intuition or not. In reality, however, this directly led me to my life purpose: to support people in their search for their core, their essence, their soul. I began to give seminars, almost exclusively in the business environment, because that was where I came from. I learned the classical components: Management, leadership and sales. I was surprised how easily I could bring joy to managers with such banal content.

Two years later, 1990, I started to develop my own seminars and founded my own company: Ralph Wilms & Partner. In 1997 I went back to the financial sector and established a sustainable financial firm, the Care Group AG. To me it was of great concern to bring social sustainability in addition to ecology to the financial sector. In 2011 I, however, sold the company. It was time to say good bye to the financial world and mainly concentrate on my seminars.

During that time I also met a lot of Buddhist teachers. They let me look deeper into the nature of the spirit. There is not one single philosophy that has explored the mind as much as Buddhism has done. Up until this day I still appreciate the Buddhist ideological freedom and spiritual clarity. However, the real transformation happened at the end of the 90s when I met a teacher of the Advaita tradition. He taught me the aimless and natural descent into silence. For over 10 years he accompanied me into deeper and deeper dimensions of mediation until the “meditator” vanished one day. This radically changed my life, the content of my work and the way of teaching my seminars.

While I was on this spiritual journey, I acquired various effective, therapeutic techniques, which all have one thing in common: the awareness that the body always has to be included in the process of clearing old fear and patterns. All our beliefs and attitude are on the one hand saved neurogically and on the other hand physically. Therefore, I conciliate and work exclusively with techniques of the energetic psychology.

A seven year collaboration with Shi Yan Bao, an authentic Shaolin monk enabled me to engage closer with the secrets of Zen-Buddhism and expanded my knowledge of how to handle Qi, this powerful cosmic energy. An encounter with Peter Kingsley, who rediscovered the mystic origins and techniques of our western culture, completed my experiences with spiritual traditions and teachers. With him I learned with which techniques we can connect with our inner source in the West and how important it is, that we connect with the quality of our own culture.

After approximately 40 years of learning and 25 years of teaching I see it as my life purpose to support people on their own journey into healing and deep dimension of their soul with the help of those effective techniques. The framework in which I teach content and method is the transpersonal academy (German: Transpersonale Akademie).

Education, CV:

  • University Degree in Social Science (Sociology/ Political Science/ Psychology):
  • Training in group dynamics; practice as Psychologist at psychiatry Bremen-Ost
  • With move to Switzerland in 1983 additional training as Portfolio Manager/ Investment Banking from 1983-1988
  • Training and practice as Leadership and Management Coach for various Swiss companies.
  • Founder of Ralph Wilms & Partner (1990) – Coaching & Training Company
  • Founder of Care Group AG (1997) Zürich – Global Sustainable Investment & Ethical Management Company
  • Studies in Chinese-taoistic philosophy. Practice of techniques of contemplation and meditation in various spiritual traditions. Sufism, Zen-Buddhism, Advaita, Chi Gong, Greek Mysticism.
  • I love tea, music from many cultures, Chinese & Japanese art and Zen literature.
  • Since 1985 married to Tamara Wilms-Mancini. Father of Aaron Wilms, kinesiologist and healer. Since 2012 grandfather of Ariana Wilms

Key aspects in seminars and coachings:

  • Transpersonal Coaching, Strength Analysis, emotional intelligence, team coaching, conflict and stress management, burnout prevention, personality development, mediation techniques from old cultures, Shaolin, Qi Gong/ Taiji
  • Languages: Taught in German (Native speaker), English and Italian
  • 20 year experience in meditation and relaxation techniques, their practical application in both personal and professional everyday life respectively. Not bound to any spiritual tradition
  • For 15 years associate partner and core Faculty member of the ZfU-International Business School Switzerland. www.zfu.ch
Feedback from Public Seminars:

“Ralph conveys not only theory, but also practical tips that I can use in any life situation.”
“He really helped me to find inner peace”
“Extremely competent, exciting and humorous”
“Enormous knowledge and experience spectrum”
“Belongs to the top trainer within  ZfU-Business School”
“Authentic, confident and competent”
“Very good and surprising didactics”
“Reacts well to the knowledge of the group and its possibilities”
“Very profound and yet humorous”
“Charismatic, an integrity with a remarkable sensitivity to the participants”