Aaron Wilms – kinesiologist and healer


Aaron-Portrait-small1Aaron Wilms – Kinesiologist and Healer

I grew up in a family where meditation techniques from various cultures were practiced and taught: Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga, Zen, Sufism and Shaolin. Very early on I learned to dive into deep stillness and listen to my inner voice. Meetings with many spiritual teachers in seminars, workshops, retreats and travel to the East were part of my childhood and led me into the depth of  my being.

At the age of 21 my ordinary perception of reality was replaced by a field of high frequency. I moved deeper into my energy body and started to resolve inner blockages. Soon after I realized my capacity  to connect with the energy system of  people, identify blocked energy and heal them from inside.

„Aaron owns the remarkable talent to heal the body of other people from inside. His energy connects to and radiates from the deepest levels of being.“ Hartmut Lohmann /  German Healer