The Transpersonal Self

Embark on a Transpersonal Journey

The Academy for Transpersonal Coaching and Training specialises in training, using approaches from transpersonal psychology – a larger frame of reference for the psyche, through which you can learn to optimise your energy, develop your mental clarity and manifest your visions. The transpersonal coach cam assist you in creating a space of compassion, wisdom and openness that grows your visions and aspirations. Dedicated coaching methods developed by experts at the Academy for Transpersonal Coaching and Training can  help you:

  • Optimise your energy management
  • Discover your unlimited potential
  • Increase the flow,  focus and mental clarity
  • Learn to recycle negative moods
  • Use the power of mind to manifest your visions

The Transpersonal Self – 2 day weekend seminar

The Transpersonal Self - 3 day course at the Academy for Transpersonal Coaching and TrainingGo beyond your personal limitations with transpersonal coaching. Discover your transpersonal self assisted by your mentors at the Academy for Transpersonal Coaching & Training. This 3-day course helps you explore the power of mind, gain mental control and use the power of attention. The coaching approach follows techniques from ancient cultures and enables you to design your own transformation using methods of embodiment. By discovering your transpersonal self, you will be able to release old patterns of behaviour, reduce negative emotions and free yourself from limitations. This course also shows you how to gain access to your own intuition and will provide you neurological insights into consciousness and the use of basic brain networks. This training program is designed to cover the following topics:

  • The power of mind  and no-mind
  • How to gain mental control and use the power of attention
  • Techniques from ancient cultures
  • Transformation through methods  of embodiment
  • How to effectively release old  patterns of behavior
  • Techniques to use negative emotions to free oneself from a limiting self
  • How to get reliable access to your own intuition  also called  ”the Field”
  • Neurological insights about consciousness  and the use of basic brain networks