The Transpersonal Coach Course

Transpersonal Coaching

  • Today people more and more spontaneously experience altered states of consciousness thorough excessive sport, crisis, meditation techniques or a waking up from conventional conditioning. Transpersonal Coaching supports clients to understand and digest these experiences, to move safely into the unknown without getting caught in fear.
  • Transpersonal coaching also helps  to create a larger frame of reference for the psyche  to create a space between the “little me” and the higher self.
  • The transpersonal coach is rooted in the ground of his being and meets his client in the vast space of compassion, wisdom and openness.
  • At the core of transpersonal coaching lies the knowing that there is no other and that the self ultimately is an illusion. In many spiritual traditions this is called the non-dual realm, where the sense of separation is understood as a preliminary state of consciousness and the interconnectedness or oneness of all existence is experienced as the ultimate reality.
Spalt im dunklen HImmel

“If you realized that the nurtured spiritual part of yourself would accompany you on your eternal journey and that everything else you have labored so hard to accumulate would vanish the instant you depart this world, would it alter your daily agenda?”  – Walter Cooper

Transpersonal Psychology


  • The roots of transpersonal psychology go back to William James,  C.G. Jung, Jean Gebser, Ken Wilber, Stanislav Grof and all spiritual traditions worldwide. The main research area of transpersonal psychology have been extraordinary states of consciousness, but is has become obvious that the so called “normal state of consciousness” is limited in many aspects.
  • It lacks compassion, systemic understanding of reality, fulfillment, wisdom and many other capacities which naturally emerge with inner growth.
  • The focus of my work lies not so much in the various theories and models of transpersonal psychology, but in the methods and techniques which can be applied in daily life.

The Transpersonal Coaching Course

Das Feld BIld   Part 1     

  • Global maps of transpersonal psychology
    • Western models in comparison (Ken Wilber, Jenny Wade, Don Beck, a.o.)
    • The Enneagramm, the nine types of the soul, used as a base model for the personality structure in transpersonal coaching.
    • Why our mindsets and beliefs about reality can change our world and always have changed the world. The end of ones mindset is the end of ones – old – world.
    • Extraordinary states of consciousness.
  • The use of energetic psychology and its techniques for transpersonal coaching
    • The central role of the body for sustainable change
    • The importance of letting go and allowing everything to be as it is
    • Relaxation techniques, sensory awareness and desensitization
    • How to release stress, old conditioning and trauma
    • Self centering – how to create a center of gravity



Buddha im Licht   Part 2
  • A systemic approach to non-dual communication 
    • The 4 strep model to invite intuition
    • Neurological preferences to consider
    • Inner wisdom and gut-feeling instead of mind stuff
    • The cultivation of stillness
    • How to open and invite non dual communication
  • Coaching of beliefs 
    • Identification of hidden beliefs
    • The power of self-fulfilling prophecies
    • How to get rid of negative beliefs
    • How to go beyond any belief structure into full reality

Fenster zum Meer   Part 3:  

  • Meta-competences of the transpersonal Coach
    • Transpersonal communication and listening
    • The here and now is your most important resource
    • To speak, to act and to listen out of the “field”
    • How to deal with the monkey mind
    • The transfer of energy between the coach and the coachee
  • The role of negative emotions in transpersonal Coaching
    • The difference between primary and secondary negative emotions
    • How “negative” emotions can be used in transpersonal coaching
    • Techniques to distance yourself and the client from negative emotions
    • Emotional Transparency
  • Transpersonal techniques from old cultures
    • Traditional Buddhist techniques
    • Zen-Buddhism – the direct path
    • Advanced meditation techniques
    • Yoga and meditation techniques of India
    • Sufism and the power of attention
Emergence of Artificial Intelligence   Part 4
  • Neurological evidence &  transpersonal techniques
    • The narrative mode and the direct experience mode
    • Motivation 2.0 – the end of strive and drive
    • Neurological maps of transpersonal experiences
    • Dream consciousness and lucid dreaming
  • Management of consciousness = transpersonal coaching
    • The mind, the witness and the emptiness
    • The evolution of consciousness
    • Inner guidance and altered states of consciousness
    • The expansion of time into the timeless zone in transpersonal coaching
    • Transfer into the daily life


  • “I was quite skeptical about the course from the beginning. The title “Transpersonal” does not have a positive connotation, if you start searching in Internet. I was sceptical but open to see what Ralph will show us and what my new experience will be. The course opens up step by step, and also I started to notice changes in me step by step. The meaning of “Transpersonal” comes together as the “profound / complex / complete” approach to coaching, where thinking, emotions and body are equally important. 
  • What’s unique about the process that Ralph applies to us is that we literally “dive” into this new approach, “live it through” by ourselves. Session after session, exercise after exercise, my own feeling about my body, attention and connection to my thoughts and emotions, my limiting beliefs – changed. I got enough “food for thought” from Ralph’s references to the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of neurophysiology and psychology, as well as managed to experience this “dive into the field” effect from the meditations and other exercises. What is unique about Ralph’s approach is that he summarizes in a nutshell the wisdom of thousands of years of eastern traditions and western scientific research, gives us clear summary that is easy to digest and “shortcuts”: how to reach meditative (mindful) state in a few minutes, how to get rid of your limiting beliefs in a short term, how to “sense” your coachee rather than intellectually analyze them, how to talk using wisdom from the field rather than your limited experience only. 
  • These skills, these approaches could be fully used in all spheres of our lives: in business management, in communication with people as well as in the family environment. What the course gave me ? I definitely feel myself “lighter”. Happier because of this lightness. Less stress in everyday life… I started sensing what is the meaning people actually want to communicate behind the words. I look at a person and sense what he/she feels, what’s their emotion, I hear ego or pain body talking…. I feel myself free from reacting to the “hooks” in the conversation and communication. This is fascinating because it gives me freedom to select how to respond to situations.
  • Would I recommend the course ? Yes. The title “Transpersonal coaching” is on one side direct, on the other side confusing. Because, the course is not about coaching. Or – not only about coaching. It is about your own personal growth and expansion, how your life could become easier, healthier and fully expressed. As well as how you can “show the way” to such life to those next to you, be it family, employees, peers or coaching clients…

Dr. Svetlana Popova, Performance Optimization leader, Global Business Services, IBM Europe. I’m a certified life coach, PhD, MBA, business manager with 20 years experience in an international corporation.

Next Course Autumn 2018: 

1. Part: 8.-9. September (Sa-So)
2. Part: 6.-7. October (Sa-So)
3. Part: 3.-4. November (Sa-So)
4. Part: 1.-2. December (Sa-So)

  • Language: German
  • Place: Konstanz – Bodensee / Language: German
  • Duration: 4 x 2 days
  • Cost: 2.950,- SFr. /  2.490,-  € / 1.980,-£ (without accommodation)

Conducted by Ralph Wilms: 

Ralph Wilms Kreta

  • Social Scientist with University of Bochum
  • Training in yoga and meditation
  • Clinical psychologist in Bremen-Ost
  • Training with Richard  L. Willis in Sufism and  the secret techniques of  Kashmir Shivaism.
  • Meeting with Stanislav Grof, founder of transpersonal psychology, training with Tibetan Lamas – esp. Dzogchen Bon-Tradition.
  • 10 years training with Dr. B. Awatramani in Advaita Vedanta and Transpersonal Coaching.
  • Seven years training in Chan-Buddhism (Zen), Chi Gong and Tai Chi with the Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Bao.
  • Training with  Dr. Peter Kingsley in the Incubation methods of Greek mysticism.
  • Management-Coach and trainer since 1988 – member of the Core Faculty of ZFU-International Business-School Zürich since 1995.
  • Member of  EUROTAS – European Association for Transpersonal Psychology